Accessing additional funding for COVID 19 costs – Make sure you do not miss out


Practices have until 15th September to access the COVID 19 support fund (CSF) if they have not already received reimbursement for additional costs from the CCG.


The fund will apply for costs incurred between 23 March and 31 July 2020.  The exception to this is the care homes funding which will be available from 1 May until the end of September and other costs where the claim can be made for costs incurred from 1 March to 31 July.


What can be claimed for?

  • Additional costs which arose due to bank holiday opening over Easter and on 8 May.  This will include staff and any other costs such as cleaning and utilities.
  • Costs for additional staff capacity that was required between 23 March and 31 July 2020 where this was agreed with the CCG
  • Costs for staff need to cover clinical or non-clinical  COVID related absence. 
  • Costs for the purchasing of additional consumables (but not PPE).
  • Additional costs incurred as a result of delivering further services to care homes.


The backfill cover will apply from 23 March to 31 July and covers COVID 19 sickness absences and absences due to shielding where staff were unable to work from home.  A claim can also be made for staff who have completed a risk assessment and have been advised not to deliver face-to-face care and are unable to work remotely.


For GP’s, practices, can claim from day 1 to day 14 of absence, after which ongoing claims will need to be made under the SFE.   For other staff, claims can be made from day 1 of absence until the end of July.


Reimbursement rates for staff costs


  • GP Partners - £289 per 4 hour session, plus applicable employer National Insurance and pension costs for a maximum of 2 additional sessions per week.  
  • Salaried GP’s on a permanent employment contract - reimbursed at their contracted hourly or overtime pay as per the February 2020 payroll, plus employer National Insurance and pension costs.   
  • Salaried GP’s on a temporary contract - If salaried GP’s were engaged on temporary contracts during the pandemic to cover COVID 19 related absences.  If approved by local commissioners practices can claim £200 per session or £250 for OOHs plus employer’s National Insurance and pension costs.  
  • Locum GP’s - £200 per session for GP locum cover, or £250 for OOH (which will include bank holiday days), plus applicable employer National Insurance and pensions costs.
  • Other staff – Where it is not possible to cover COVID 19 related absences or additional capacity needs within the practice or the local health economy of PCN, practices can make a claim for costs based on current rates of pay.


Practices may be required to provide evidence of payroll costs and hours worked.


Other costs

Practices may also claim for other costs as a result of COVID 19 requirements such as additional cleaning materials, additional clinical equipment and minor alterations to the building e.g Perspex screens and barriers.


Care homes

Commissioners will have a fixed funding envelop to support practices with additional costs incurred to deliver extra support to care homes.   However, not all practices are expected to seek additional funding as, in the first instance, they should look to use existing practice resources.


Action required by practices:

  • Collate details of the additional costs including associated evidence or invoices.
  • Local commissioners will need to approve claims for additional funding
  • The declaration form included at Annex B of the letter to practices dated 4 August 2020 needs to be submitted with all claims.