Defra confirms English BPS payment rates for 2021



The English Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payment rates for 2021 have been published by Defra.


The rates are as follows;

  • Non-SDA land - £233.30/ha
  • SDA regions other than Moorland - £231.60/ha
  • Moorland SDA rate - £64/ha



These rates are before the cuts to direct payments in England which begin this year, at a minimum of % for payments of less than £30,000.


The calculation of entitlement values is done from scratch each year. As the sum of money available under the BPS is fixed, the payment per entitlement tends to rise as slightly fewer entitlements are claimed each year. 


BPS reductions for 2021 
Payment Amount Deductions             
Up to £30,000 5%
£30,000 to £50,000 10%
£50,000 to £150,000 20%
Over £150,000  25% 


Under BPS, farmers need to hold an entitlement for every hectare of eligible land they are claiming on. The size of farmers’ payments will depend on how many entitlements they use, supported by eligible land and the value of those entitlements.


Defra warns claimants to beware of fraudsters, who may target farmers receiving subsidy payments.