Drowning in receipts?

Small businesses often struggle to find the time to keep their accounts up to date, and may end up losing tax relief on missing expenses as a result. Paper receipts, such as for fuel and subsistence, can easily be lost and then forgotten about.

We've developed a free App which allows you to simply photograph your receipts on the move, all the details are then automatically filed and stored for future reference.

The App also has a number of other useful functions including: 

·         Mileage Tracker (with GPS) which enables you to keep a record of all your business mileage

·         Net pay calculator for employees

·         Company car benefit calculator

·         Loan repayment calculator

·         Tax tables with all the latest rates

·         Direct link to Cloud Accounting software 

·         Inheritance tax calculator

·         Capital gains tax calculator

The app is free to download, simply click on the appropriate app store icon in the bottom left hand corner of our website, by the image of the smartphone.