Golden Hellos

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What and why? 


Introduced as part of the 2020/21 GP contract changes to help address partner recruitment and retention issues, it is officially known as the ‘New To Partnership Payment’, this ‘golden hello’ aims to boost the GP partnership model with a new one-off payment of up to £20,000 plus on top costs, to new partners.


Who does it apply to?


Starting from April 2020 it applies only to first time partners. The individual must never have been a partner at any practice in the past but includes GPs as well as other medical professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, and also practice managers.


The payment


The £20,000 plus on top costs payment is based on a full time GP working 37.5 hours, and a pro-rata adjustment would apply to any part time partners.  There is also a £3,000 business training allowance to support their establishment as a new partner and help them to understand how their practice is run from a business perspective.  Therefore, the overall funding for a new partner could be appropriately £25,500.


When, where and how is it paid?


The payment is payable to GP practices, and is initially treated as a loan to the partnership, and will be converted to a permanent payment after the new partner has been a partner with the practice for a certain number of years (5 years is included in the guidance).  The payment must be paid to the new partner within the maximum allowed time frame.


Please note that detailed guidance on the operation of the scheme has yet to be published, and is likely to evolve over time.  It is thought that the initial scheme will run for a minimum of 3 years. 


For more updates for GP Practices please view our Medical Seminar Pack which was produced as an alternative to our normal Spring seminars. 


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