Golden Hellos – ‘New to Partnership Payment Scheme’




What and why?

Introduced as part of the 2020/21 GP contract changes to help address partner recruitment and retention issues, it is officially known as the ‘New to Partnership Payment’, this ‘golden hello’ aims to boost the GP partnership model with a new one-off payment of up to £20,000 plus an on top allowance of up to £4,000, to new partners.  It is anticipated that the scheme will run for a minimum of 2 years, and may evolve over time.  Successful applicants can also access a training fund allowance of up to £3,000.


Who does it apply to?

Starting from April 2020, it applies only to first time partners in England, and includes GPs as well as other medical professionals such as nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, who are eligible to become partners in general practice, as defined by section 86(2) of the NHS Act 2006.  The first draft of the legislation excluded practice managers from the scheme, but it is believed changes are being implemented to include them as well.


The payment

It is a maximum sum of £20,000 plus a 20% contribution to cover on top tax and National Insurance costs.  The maximum payment is based on a Full Time Equivalent (FTE) role of 37.5 hours a week or nine sessions of 4 hours and 10 minutes each.  The payment is reduced on a pro-rata basis if a partner works less than nine sessions, while the minimum number of sessions to qualify for the payment is two per week.  The payment is subject to tax and National Insurance, but is not pensionable.


The training allowance of £3,000 is claimed separately on a reimbursement basis, and is not reduced on a pro rata basis if the applicant works less than nine sessions per week.  The applicant should select and initially pay for the required training, and claim a reimbursement from NHSE.  The training should be commenced with 1 year of taking the partnership role, and will be reimbursed soon after the first year as a partner.


When, where and how is it paid?

Initial applications open from 1 July 2020, and will be accepted via the email address; following which an application portal will be established at


The applications can be backdated to 1 April 2020, and applicants can apply for funding on a retrospective basis up to 6 months after signing the partnership agreement.


Participants must commit to holding a partnership role for a minimum of 5 years, and where a partners leaves the partnership role prior to this length of time, or changes their number of sessions worked, there may be a full or partial repayment of funding or an additional payment made, which will be identified through an annual reconciliation process.


Once the application has been successful, a payment for the appropriate funding will be released to the partners’ practice, who must release the full amount to the applicant within 28 calendar days.



Blog post uploaded 16 July 2020