Have you made your Will?

Make a Will

Making or amending your Will is something to set to achieve this year as it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of adults have not made a Will. Some see it is morbid, unnecessary, complicated, time consuming, expensive or something to do in the future.


At Lentells, we are able to work with you offering advice and support on all the key areas you need to consider.



Making a Will does not need to be complicated or expensive, but it will require some thought and planning.


If you die without having made a Will that is ‘intestate’, your assets will be distributed in line with the law of the land. This may not be in accordance with your own wishes, but without a Will there will be no other option. Dying intestate can be a complex administrative process and as a result costs can mount up, ending up being far more expensive than making a Will in the first place.


Many people assume their family members are aware of their wishes, but this is not always the case. Those left behind may not necessarily always in agreement as to what your precise wishes are. Dying without a Will can create substantial and often expensive problems. By making a Will you can decide exactly who gets your assets. Clearly stating your precise wishes is helpful for family and loved ones and avoids any uncertainty or discourse at what is already an emotional and difficult time.


Not making a Will can be a costly mistake, but dying with a Will that is out of date can cause significant problems. Many people make their Will when they buy their first property, so it is only natural that situations will change considerably over the years. You should take into account marital status, children, family and other commitments.


There are two ways that you can update your will:

  • You can start again from scratch if there are substantial changes you would like to make
  • Add a Codicil. This is a way of adding new clauses to an existing Will and is best suited for making small amendments.


Lentells can advise on the best method and ensure that you have considered all the implications of any amendments or additions.


For more information on making or amending your Will, please contact; 

Rob Wegner at our Chard office - 01460 64441 robert.wegner@lentells.co.uk

Mike Griffiths at our Seaton office - 01297 25084 michael.griffiths@lentells.co.uk 

Debbie Thatcher at our Taunton office - 01823 286274, debbie.thatcher@lentells.co.uk