Laws for Will writing under review

Radical proposals to update the way wills are written and interpreted in the UK have been put forward by the Law Commission – including the ability to put down your final wishes by text message, email or voicemail

Read more: - Which?The current law around wills should be “modernised” to reflect modern society, according to the Law Commission for England and Wales.

The current law relating to Wills should be “modernised” to reflect modern society, according to the Law Commission for England and Wales.

The Law Commission believes that the current rules, derived in 1837, are “unclear” and “outdated” and could be putting people off from making a Will.

Significant law changes under review include:

  • changing the mental capacity test to consider conditions like dementia, which could affect your capacity to make a Will
  • considering cohabiting couples and people with second families
  • lowering the age a Will can be made from 18 to 16.

The Commission also wants to address an increasing reliance on digital technology, in order to recognise texts and emails as potentially valid Wills under certain circumstances.

It is estimated that nearly two-thirds of adults have not made a Will. Some see it as morbid, unnecessary, complicated, time consuming, expensive or something to do in the future. However, making a Will need not be complicated or expensive, but it will require some thought and planning. At Lentells we are able to work with you offering advice and support on all the key areas you need to consider.

Is your Will up-to-date?

Not making a Will can be a costly mistake, but dying with a Will that is out of date can also cause significant problems. It is estimated that 34% of people never update their Wills and as a result they often fail to take into account changing circumstances and status.

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