Paper Overload?


Accountants are often asked for clarification on what records clients need to keep and for how long.


Individual taxpayers should ensure they retain supporting evidence for all items reported on their self assessment tax returns. This will include P60s/P45s/P11ds from eployment posts, investment income/interest received statements, invoices for investment property income and expenses, pension contribution statements, chartiable donation reciepts, detials of capital gains and anything else of relevance. 


Businesses should retain supporting evidence for all income and expenditure. If a business spends/recieves cash without a receipts, it is recommended that a manual record is maintained of the transaction at the time as evidence, should HMRC ever enquire. 


Generally, information should ke kept for 6 full tax years, however certain information, such as purchase costs for investments, should be retained until the asset is sold, as this will be needed to calculate the capital gain arising on any subsequent sale. 


There is no requirement to maintain records in a paper format, with all electronic documents accepted by HMRC providing they are easily accessible and readable. Various options are available to facilitate electronic documents including some apps which automatically import data into accounting software once an invoice has been scanned.


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