PCN Enhanced Service

Lentells Medical Division





The funding streams for 2020/21 are as follows:

  • Core PCN income -  £1.50 per patient
  • Clinical Director   - £0.722 per patient
  • Extended hours  - £1.45 per patient
  • Additional roles reimbursement – £7.131 per weighted patient
  • Care home premium - £120 per bed per annum from 1 October 2020
  • Investment and Impact fund - £0.67 per patient (assuming 100% achievement)


Example funding for 2020/21

PCN Population

Core income

Clinical Director Funding

Extended hours

Additional roles reimbursement

Care home premium




















The example above, assumes a weighted PCN population of 98% and 200 care homes in the network.   The maximum funding in 2020/21 in the two examples provided represent an increase in income of £312,600 and £397,300 respectively compared to maximum funding in 2019/20.


April 2020 was to mark a significant expansion of the PCN service specifications.  However, following consultation in December 2019, of the original 5 service specifications 2 were deferred and the remaining specifications have been redesigned and are less prescriptive. 


The agreed specifications for 2020/21 are:

  • Structured medication review and medicines optimization
  • Supporting Early Cancer Diagnosis
  • Enhanced health in Care homes


To support the delivery of the Enhanced health in Care homes specification, PCN’s will be paid a care home premium payment of £120 per bed per annum from October 2020.


The contract agreement for 2020/2021 is bringing in 6 additional roles to be covered by the additional roles reimbursement.  These are pharmacy technicians, health & wellbeing coaches, care- coordinators, occupational therapists, dieticians & podiatrists.  This is in addition to the four roles already in place – clinical pharmacists, social prescriber, physiotherapists and physician associates.    


With the exception of the clinical pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who transfer to the PCN from the Clinical Pharmacist in general practice scheme or the medicines optimization in care home, the other roles are additional.   However, the contract agreement wording notes that only a baseline for the number of pharmacy technicians has been established, and, as the remaining 5 additional roles will be filled in small numbers, if the PCN takes people on in these roles, they will be treated as additional.


Funding will now be at 100% of actual salary plus on costs up to the maximum reimbursable amounts. 


The investment and impact fund will be introduced as part of the Network DES in 2020/21.  PCN’s will be rewarded for delivering objectives.     The IIF will operate in a similar way to Quof with aspiration and achievement payments.


Contract changes due to COVID 19


Following the outbreak of COVID 19, delivery of the service specifications have been deferred until 1 October 2020.


The introduction of the IIF has been postponed until 1st October 2020 although networks and practices will still need to collect data as previously required by the IIF.


£16.25m of the IIF funding will be recycled into PCN support funding which will be paid at a rate of 27p per weighted patient for the 6 month period to 30th September 2020.