Publication of Earnings





Practices are currently required to publish details of average GP earnings on their website. 


For 2020/21 onwards it will be a contractual requirement for any individual with NHS earnings over £150,000 per annum to submit a self-declaration.  The individual will be listed by name and earnings band in a national publication.   The earnings threshold will increase each year in line with predicted CPI increases.


The scope of this contractual requirement extends to salaried GP’s, locums, company directors, employees and others engaged through companies contracted or subcontracted to provide primary medical services and any other person employed, engaged or subcontracted to provide NHS funded primary medical services.


Initially, NHS earnings will be defined as GP pensionable income.   For GP’s this will be the pensionable income included on the Type 1 pension certificates and may include salaried GP income, OOH income and locum income which is included on the pension certificate for tier calculation purposes.     This is a broader definition of NHS income than is currently used for the average earnings calculations.


The first declarations need to be submitted in February 2021 and the declaration process will be aligned with the pensions certificates. 



Blog post uploaded 9 Jul 2020