QOF Changes for 2020/21

Lentells Medical Division




QOF Points

Maximum points available increased from 559 to 567

Asthma, COPD and heart failure domains overhauled

97 points recycled into 11 different indicators

New non-diabetic hyperglycaemia indicator

Quality improvement domain expanded to include earlier cancer diagnosis and care for those with learning disabilities, but previous modules of prescribing safety and end of life care are removed.


QOF Funding Summarised





Value per point



Maximum number of points



Average population increase




Whist the point per patient has increase by 3.78%, the increase in the average population has been set at the same rate, meaning overall there is no real additional funding apart from that for the new 8 points.


Full achievement for a practice with a static list of 9,000 patients with average prevalence would be as follows:


2019/20 £111,395

2020/21 £112,992