Smaller employers still ‘uncertain’ about auto-enrolment


Smaller employers may require more support in operating workplace pension schemes through auto-enrolment, according to statistics from the Department for Work and Pensions.

Both small employers (defined as those with 5 to 29 workers) and micro-employers (with 1 to 4 workers) backed the reforms, as 71% agreed auto-enrolment was a good thing.

However, there was some uncertainty among micro-employers regarding certain details, such as staging dates and minimum contributions.

A third (33%) did not know if they had passed their staging date to begin auto-enrolling eligible employees.

Meanwhile, only 59% of micro-employers were aware of their minimum contribution requirements, compared with 96% of large employers.

At Lentells we recognise the enormity of the auto enrolment process and whilst we are not authorised to give any specific advice on a suitable pension scheme we have put together this guide to assist our clients when comparing the differences or similarities of the main points of the three major multi-employer pension schemes. Please click here for further information.

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