Somerset farmers invited to bid in auction to help tackle floods

Farmers across Somerset are being invited to bid in the county's biggest auction yet for projects to combat flooding. The auction will run online from Wednesday 18 March to Monday 30 March 2020 following successful trials in 2018 and 2019. 


This year the Somerset Rivers Authority (SRA) are offering farmers a choice of up to seven different methods of natural flood management. These include hedge planting, better maize management, and grassland subsoiling and slitting, all measures aimed at helping to slow the flow of water while delivering additional benefits. 


To take part, farmers must visit the Naturebid website and choose one or more national flood management methods, select areas of their land where they believe those methods will be get the best flood prevention results, then bid for funding. 


The total available this year is £40,000. All bids will be assessed by the Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group South West (FWAG SW). Grants from the SRA and Environment Agency are then given to the best, most competitively-priced ideas.


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