Students targeted by fraudsters

Action Fraud have warned that UK students are being targeted by fraudsters in the run-up to the new academic year with a fake email scam claiming that their Student Loans Company (SLC) accounts have been suspended.

First year and returning students are being sent emails asking them to update their SLC accounts online by logging on to a fake website which then harvests their personal and banking details. Victims are duped into giving up personal information that is used to steal their identity and defraud them.

Identifying a phishing email

The SLC have issued the following advice for all students:

  • Be suspicious of any requests for personal or financial information. The SLC will never ask you to confirm your bank details or login information by email.
  • 'Dear Student' - phishing emails are usually sent out in bulk and therefore are unlikely to contain your first name or surname
  • Check the quality of the communication.  Misspelling, poor punctuation and bad grammar are often tell-tale signs of phishing.
  • 'Failure to respond in 24 hours will result in your account being closed' these types of messages are designed to convey a sense of urgency to prompt a quick response.
  • You should also be aware of suspicious text messages asking you to click a link or confirm information about yourself. Any text messages sent by SLC are purely for information purposes.