Want to provide your staff with tax free benefits?

Unfortunately, there are very few benefits available to staff which are not accompanied by a tax charge for the employee or an NIC charge for the employer.  The following are some of the few available with no additional tax/NIC implications:-


1)      Late night taxis for irregular, work which finishes after 9pm.


2)      Free/subsidised meals at the employer’s premises, providing these are offered to all staff.


3)      One mobile phone per employee with insignificant private use, providing the contract is in the employer’s name.


4)      Home working allowance of up to £4 per week.


5)      Pension advice of up to £500.


6)      Certain trivial benefits costing less than £50.


7)      Work related training.


8)      Travelling and subsistence expenses due to public transport strikes/industrial action.


9)      Incidental overnight expenses of up to £5 in UK or £10 overseas.


10)  One health screening or medical check up per year and up to £500 for medical treatment to facilitate return to work after 28 consecutive days of absence.


11)  Expenditure on annual staff parties of up to £150 per person.


For further advice regarding all aspects of staff benefits contact your local Lentells office.