Probate and estate administration

At Lentells, we like to form life-long relationships with our clients and that includes looking after their affairs and the interests of their families when they die.


Probate is a complex area which has to be tackled whenever someone dies, whether they have left a valid Will or not. It coincides with a period of family grief, making it all the more stressful for those involved.


Some families try to save money by tackling the probate process themselves but this often ends in tears. The process is lengthy and whilst not always complicated, it is very time consuming and in the case of disputes over the distribution of the estate, it can be very distressing for all the family members concerned if there is no external advisor. It can also be very costly if there is no professional advice to hand on matters of taxation.


Other families believe that only solicitors can handle probate efficiently. Whilst Lentells fully respect the professionalism of their legal colleagues, it often makes more sense for us to assist with the probate application and estate administration as we already have a detailed knowledge of the client’s affairs. Matters associated with the completion of the complex forms, valuation of property and other assets, the discharging of any debts, the transfer of ownership of assets and the calculation of inheritance tax due, all require the financial expertise which a qualified accountant can provide.


At Lentells, we have a specialist team with years of experience of handling both simple and complicated probate situations for our clients and their families. Lentells can often provide a far quicker and more cost effective Probate service than other professionals and banks, not only in terms of fees, but also in terms of tax mitigation, even post death.

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