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Lentells Estates and Probate Services is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Lentells Limited. Lentells Estates and Probate Services is pleased to offer a professional and competitively priced probate service to all our clients, their families and contacts. We can advise on all aspects of estate planning, Lasting Power of Attorneys, dealing with Probate, acting as executors and general estate management. 




It is estimated that nearly two-thirds of adults have not made a Will. Some see it as morbid, unnecessary, complicated, time consuming, expensive or something to do in the future. At Lentells Estates and Probate Services, we are able to work with you offering advice and support on all the key areas you need to consider. 


Making a Will does not need to be complicated or expensive, but it will require some thought and planning. If you die without having made a Will that is 'intestate', your assets will be distributed in line with the law of the land. This may not be in accordance with your own wishes, but without a will there will be no other option. Dying intestate can be a complex administrative process and as a result costs can mount up, ending up being far more expensive than making a Will in the first place. 


Not making a Will can be a costly mistake, but dying with a Will that is out of date can cause significant problems. Many people make their Will when they buy their first property, so it is only natural that situations will change considerably over the years. There are two ways you can update your Will:


  • You can start again from scratch if there are substantial changes you would like to make;
  • Add a Codicil. This is a way of adding new clauses to an existing Will and is best suited for making small amendments.


Lentells Estates and Probate Services can advise on the best method and ensure that you have considered all the implications of any amendments or additions. 


Lasting Power of Attorney 

A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a legal document that allows you to appoint one or more persons to help you make decisions in the future regarding your welfare and financial arrangements should you have an accident, an illness or loose the mental capacity to make your own decisions. 


Making a LPA is just as important as making a Will as they serve two separate purposes and should not be considered as either/or. LPAs relate to managements of your affairs during your lifetime, whereas Wills relate to the distribution of your estate following your death. There are two types of LPA's that can be put in place:


  • Health and Welfare - which appoints an attorney to make decisions regarding medical care needs such as moving into a care home, and life-sustaining treatment;
  • Property and Financial Affairs - which appoints an attorney to make decisions regarding managing a bank account and investments, paying bills, collecting benefits or a pensions and buying and selling property. 


It is possible to draw up just one or both types of LPA and the same attorney(s) can be appointed for each. Business LPAs can also be put in place for business owners, as it is important to consider what would happen to your business, if you became unable to make decisions. 


Sadly, loss of capacity can happen to anyone at anytime - due to factors that are often completely out of our control. Putting in place a LPA while you are fit and healthy gives you piece of mind that, if necessary, decisions concerning your welfare and financial affairs are being overseen by someone you trust and who will be acting in the best interest of you and your family.


At Lentells Estates and Probate Services, we can assist with both the procedure of completing the necessary paperwork as well as advising on all the areas you need to consider ensuring the LPA covers all possible eventualities. If you are writing or amending your Will it makes sense to consider putting a LPA in place at the same time. Alternatively this can be done as a separate exercise at a time to suit you. 



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